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04/18/2014  -  Sorry, I'm having technical difficulties. I will be filling orders as soon as the issue is fixed.
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           I was a Service Tech for Pacesetter Window Company for 15 Years at and have parts left over            from those days. Pacesetter had a lot of their parts custom made for them. All Prime Windows,            Storm Products, Patio Covers, Awnings, Patio Enclosures and Patio Doors Purchased before            or Around June 2004were custom made at their manufacturing plant in Omaha, I have parts           for a lot of them. I have sold parts to over 300 satisfied customers in over 30 states.

Pacesetter Lifetime Warranty ?
Pacesetter Lifetime Warranty. Was only offered in part of 1969 and 1970 on the Pacesetter made products. All other products sold by Pacesetter and installed may have a manufactured Warranty covered by them not Pacesetter. Pacesetter always had a limited insulation warrantee of 6 months. And no service charge for that 6 months. The entire warranty pacesetter products covered went out the door when Garry Iskra filed Chapter 11 and shut the door of Pacesetter. I have nothing to do with Gary Iskra or Pacesetter witch dose not exists any more.

How To Order Parts

  • Under the image of the part you want select the quantity and other information.

  • Provide you personal information in the form fields at the bottom of the page.And Please Send me any pictures you can help your Order.

  • Double check all the fields especially your email address and then submit your request for parts.

  • I try to check the email at lease every other day.

  • I Bag up the parts You Requested.And send A Papal money Invoice for the appropriate amount will then be submitted using the email address you provided. Please be sure to also check your junk mail. I only use papal.

  • Parts will be shipped out with-in 24 to 48 hrs after I receive confirmation of payment. To the Address you have Register with PaPal.

  • My postage won’t print so I have to take your parts in to the post office in person and I can let you know what day you can expect them in your mail box.. I have sent parts out to over 575 customers in the US and only had the post office lost one shipment and they still say to this day it was sent out with the carrier but it never made it to the customer’s house for delivery?

  • I Have a $3.75 Min Shipping Cost
    First-Class Mail is up to13 ounces is $3.75
    Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box Delivers within 2 to 3 days in most cases. Priority Mail starts at $5.75 & UP. If you want to upgrade to Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box let me know in the more information box before submitting

  • Thank You LeRoy

      What Happened To Pacesetter ?
           April 2004 Gary Iskra headed a group of investors who bought the home improvement            business from Phil and Harley Schrager. Within a month, Iskra decided to cut costs by                       closing the Omaha window factory, He signed a contract to buy windows from Republic            Windows & Doors of Chicago. June, 2004 closed its window manufacturing plant in Omaha.            The factory had employed between 64 and 69 workers, some of whom had worked for the            company more than 30 years. In June 2005, the Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Iskra            said he was moving Pacesetter from Omaha to offices in the U.S. Steel Tower. Pacesetter            never moved into the Pittsburgh skyscraper. July 2005, employees' checks started bouncing.            By November, when the company sought protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in            Pennsylvania, a dozen lawsuits were pending in eight states, and stiffed Republic Windows &            Doors of Chicago for $4.5 million.