Senior Students

Senior Students are those karate-ka in our dojo that have demonstrated dedication and drive towards learning. These students continue to move forward in their training as well as assist during class. At times, they will lead class when other instructors are unable to be present.

Denise Callen

San-Dan Isshinryu, 4th Dan Ryukyu Kobodo

Denise Callen

Denise Callen resides in Hugo, MN wither her husband Scott and their two children, Holly and Tony. Denise started Karate in November of 2008, one month after her son began the program. Together they have shared a journey of self-discovery.

Denise is also a Spanish teacher with a Master's Degree in Education, and a passion for teaching others. Studying the art of Karate has helped her to become more self-confident, develop an appreciation for the system and history of Isshinryu, and create genuine friendships.


Shawn Taylor
San-Dan Isshinryu, San-Dan Ryukyu Kobodo

Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor lives in St.Paul with his girlfriend Beth, and their two children Joseph and Mackenzie. He graduated from White Bear Lake High School, and grew up in St.Paul, White Bear Lake and Hugo.

Shawn started his karate journey when his son Joseph joined the karate program at the White Bear Lake YMCA in the fall of 2008. He would accompany his son to karate class, taking notes to help Joseph practice, and soon was persuaded by Holt Sensei to start his own karate journey in late spring of 2009.

He has found karate to be a great way for him to escape the stresses of day-to-day life, as well as make some great friends with the same purpose of bettering themselves through the journey of karate knowledge.


Albert Goins
Ni-Dan Isshinryu

Albert Goins

Albert Goins lives in White Bear Lake with his wife Marianne. He grew up in White Bear and attended White Bear High School where he played football and basketball. He has three grown children and one granddaughter.

Albert began his Isshinryu journey in 2010 after a decision to learn self-defense and to regain his physical conditioning after nearly thirty years as a lawyer and a student. He believes that karate training has sharpened his insight into human conflict and widened his own mental, spiritual and physical horizons. When he is not in court, or reading history (including karate history) or practicing kata, he serves as a trustee at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Saint Paul.

Jan Andersen
Ni-Dan Isshinryu , Ni-Dan Ryukyu Kobudo

Jan Anderson

Jan Anderson moved to White Bear Lake to care for her parents during their struggle with health issues.  She grew up on the east side of St.Paul not far from Lake Phalen. 

After 40 years as a physical education and health teacher in the St.Paul Public School District she is retired and is focusing on her karate journey which started in the summer of 2011.  She wanted to learn how to defend herself and become physically & mentally stronger.  This has turned into an appreciation of the art & history of Isshinryu Karate.   She says it is a great privilege to be studying karate under Holt Sensei’s amazing lineage.  Her life has been so enriched by all the wonderful people & places she has met and visited.  She is looking forward to continuing her wonderful journey for many years to come.