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Stolen Gear Alerts

Stolen 11/21/16

Posted 11/29/16

Stolen from car in Saint Paul.
If found, Contact: David F.

Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 Head (Black)
SERIAL #: not provided
Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Slant 1x12 Cab (Black)
SERIAL #: not provided
Pedal train jr pedal board with 10 boutique pedals in gray/silver pedal train road case with my name and phone # written in black sharpie on it.
SERIAL #: not provided

Stolen ??/??/??

Posted 01/15/08

Please Contact me at: or Drew at 651-208-9102 St. Paul Police Case Number 08-004-296

1967 Fender Bassman Amp Head Black tolex with tweed grill.
SERIAL #: A26652
1965 Fender Tremolux Amp Head Black tolex with black grill.
SERIAL #: 103905529
70's Peavey Classic VT Series 212 Combo amp with Reverb and Phaser Phaser is stuck on unless all settings are at 0. Reverb doesn't work, footswitch was not stolen so it won't be with the amp.
SERIAL #: not provided
Color Sound 45 bass amp Large combo bass amp Orange detailing and lettering, oddball wiring on back pannel to allow a line out.
SERIAL #: not provided
Mixer: 12 Channel large wooden cabinet. off-brand (Celebrity?) Old and beat up 2 Channell EQ.
SERIAL #: not provided

Stolen ??/??/??

Posted 03/16/06

The Derek Trucks Band trailer was stolen with equipment in it! Here is a list of the key items that were in the DTB trailer. This is not a complete list but these are the items we're most likely to spot and hopefully recover.

Please contact me if anything turns up at: blakebudney@earthlink

Pearl 5-piece Drum Kit (Black)
SERIAL #: 652623 642341 83233 6526231 652163
Fender Super Reverb Combo Amp (blackface) with Weber speakers by Jenson
SERIAL #: A13225

Fender Super Reverb Combo Amp (blackface) with Pile Driver speakers
SERIAL #: A06896

Hammond B-3 Custom foot switch
SERIAL #: not provided

Hammond Leslie amp - 147 model
SERIAL #: H25474

Hohner Clavinet
SERIAL #: E7 3447 410

Yamaha Motif keyboard

Ampeg SVT Bass Head (1974)
SERIAL #: 112149

TC ElectronicsD2-Delay Unit
SERIAL #: 3107455

Yamaha SPX90 multi effects
SERIAL #: 26308

Tascam DAPI DAT recorder
SERIAL #: 580001

Midas Mixing Console
SERIAL #: 173052 0324011056

Tascam 8 track model DA78HR
SERIAL #: 100101

Tascam 8 track model DA38
SERIAL #: 270262

Tascam 8 track model DA38
SERIAL #: 40369

Ampeg 4X10 bass cabinet
SERIAL #: not provided

4 LP Congas in soft bags
SERIAL #: not provided

Matchless Chieftain 2X10 combo amp ('96)
SERIAL #: not provided

3 Shure SM57 mics
SERIAL #: not provided

2 Shure SM58 mics
SERIAL #: not provided

Shure Beta 52 mic
SERIAL #: not provided

2 AKG 460 mics
SERIAL #: not provided

3 EV 406 mics
SERIAL #: not provided

Neuman KM184 mic
SERIAL #: not provided 2 Sennheiser 421 mics
SERIAL #: not provided

Beyer M88 Mic
SERIAL #: not provided

2 AKG C414 mics
SERIAL #: noprovided

EV RE20 mic
SERIAL #: not provided

Furman-PL plus power conditioner 7Z37
SERIAL #: not provided

Drawer DL441 4 channel compressor 706
SERIAL #: not provided

3 DBX 160A compressor
SERIAL #: not provided

Stolen 10/20/05

Posted 11/09/05

If seen, contact the Lakes Area Police Department. Officer Roettjer at: 651-257-4100

Kortez Acoustic Guitar, Stolen from my home Oct 20, 2005, Chisago City, MN. Cherry sunburst, mother-of-pearl inlay at headstock and bridge. Glued-on pickguard was removed. Was in a black fiber case.
SERIAL #: not provided

Carvin LB75 (5-string) bass guitar, Koa body with maple through-neck. Ebony fretboard. Asymmetrical neck. Gold hardware, inncluding all Sperzel locking tuners, straplox, bridge, and knobs. Active pre-amp and active EQ. Nameplate, which could be removed by the thieves, reads W. Anthony Joyner. Was in a tweed case.
SERIAL #: not provided

Stolen ??/??/??

Posted 06/09/05

$1000 REWARD
Lockport, IL.  email:

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Black, all original with Brass nut.
SERIAL #: 81230540

1979 Fender Stratocaster. Blonde Finish, Maple fingerboard, Black Pickguard & Pickups - all original
SERIAL #: s937736

Stolen ??/??/??

Posted 08/04/04

If any one happens to run accross this please contact mike at: 586-202-0070

ampeg b2 four eight combo bass ampwith basson lower 15 cabnit amp. In good shape. Minor tears in vinyl. A few broken prongs on eq faders but they still work. Lower cab was new.
SERIAL #: not provided

Stolen 03/03/01

Posted 08/17/01

Please CallMike at: 651-451-8878

Crate GT80D Guitar Amp

Stolen ??/??/01

Posted ??/??/01

Please e-mail any information to:

1971 Fender P Bass Guitar Drop D Tuner, Bad Ass Bridge, Translucent (Dark blue) White & Black Cow Pick Guard.